I am testing using Retrospect as a backup server during the day, to 
back up our laptops so that those who use them won't have to leave 
them overnight (when our regular backup script goes into operation).

We're testing it this week with a few of the laptop users, before 
trying to put it into full effect. And I've run into one possible 

One of our more sophisticated users was backed up in the morning, and 
then restarted his computer in order to attach an external zip drive 
to it, he was prompted to be backed up again.

Would this be because he restarted the computer after the backup? Or 
perhaps because he added another volume to his desktop (the zip 
disk)? Or was it just a fluke?

Thanks in advance!

Julia Frizzell
User Consultant/Analyst
The Education Alliance
Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory at Brown University
222 Richmond Street, Suite 300
Providence, Rhode Island  02903-4226
401.274.9548 x311 or 800.521.9550 x311
401.421.7650 (fax)

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