Backup Server saw the Zip disk. Removable disks such as Zip, Jaz, or DVD-RAM
are counted when Retrospect resolves your client container. Therefore, in
its normal polling of the network, it saw that a drive had been added, and
wanted to back it up.


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> Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 14:14:12 -0400
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> Subject: Backup Server Questions
> I am testing using Retrospect as a backup server during the day, to
> back up our laptops so that those who use them won't have to leave
> them overnight (when our regular backup script goes into operation).
> We're testing it this week with a few of the laptop users, before
> trying to put it into full effect. And I've run into one possible
> snag.
> One of our more sophisticated users was backed up in the morning, and
> then restarted his computer in order to attach an external zip drive
> to it, he was prompted to be backed up again.
> Would this be because he restarted the computer after the backup? Or
> perhaps because he added another volume to his desktop (the zip
> disk)? Or was it just a fluke?
> Thanks in advance!
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