I am having a related problem.  Up until two days ago everything was working
fine, but since then a backup has yet to complete.  Last night, the backup
computer did not even finish backing up itself.  Our back up server is a G3
400 Mhz with 192 MB of RAM with 23 GB of Hard drive space and our backup
device is a VXA 66 GB tape drive.  After running for 13.5 hours, the backup
had managed to backup 12.4 GB but only compare 10.5 GB.  The MB/min for the
copy was 130.4 and for some unknown reason plummeted to only 15 MB/min for
the compare!  Remember this is NOT over a network, but on the local machine.
There are only 153 files that make up the 12.4 GB so why the slowdown????

Stiles Watson
Director of Information Services
The Church Initiative, Inc.

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> >Anyone had similar experiences where the hierarchy of the data has a
> >dramatic effect on performance?
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> I find that Retrospect on a 10base T network, Backup Server on a
> Pentium II 233, Client on a PowerBook G3 266, (or even better, on
> Virtual PC on a PB G3 266)  can achieve 60MB/min transfer rates (=
> 1MB/sec = pretty much the maximum transfer rate on 10BaseT) when
> transferring large files, but performance drops away to around
> 12MB/min when reading lots of small files - I am surprised by this
> large drop in performance too!
> John
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