On 5/19/2000 8:13 PM, Eric Prentice [EMAIL PROTECTED] said...

>Having grown weary of waiting for FireWire support for my fantom CDRW
>(Plextor) and also having the need for another machine I'm wondering if
>Retrospect will support the built-in DVD-RAM that ships with the G4.
>Is anyone using this as their backup solution?

Well, I bought that option with exactly your thought in mind, and 
although others may have had better experiences, I have been very 
disappointed. Backing up large amounts of data whether through Retrospect 
or the Finder have been EXTREMELY slow, and none of the tips that anyone 
has offered have worked out.

Having already popped for this setup, I too would be very interested in 
the methods being used by anyone who is having success.



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