Much as I'd love to put a VXA or AIT drive on my home network, I don't 
want to spend that much money on the drive.

I've had enough bad experiences with DAT and DAT-II drives that I've 
ruled out that option. It seems to be coming down to NS-20 and Onstream 
ECHO 30.

DRIVE       NS-20     ECHO 30
Native       10 GB     15 GB
Compressed   20 GB     30 GB
Speed       50MB/min  120MB/min
Drive cost   $550      $630
Tape cost     $60       $50
$/GB*       $4.60     $2.33

* estimated based on 30% compression

Both are packaged with Retrospect 4.2. I'll be backing up over 10Base-T, 
so either should be plenty fast.

Based on capacity, speed, and $/GB, the ECHO 30 looks like the winner.

I'd like feedback from those who've gone with the Onstream drive. Is it 
reliable? (Key question before I spend my money.)


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