I have an USB/Firewire CD-R drive which is not supported at the moment
by Retrospect Backup for Macintosh (to state more precisely, the CD-R
drive manufacturer does not provide a driver for Retrospect).

Although I would like to make backups to this drive. Therefor I thought
it would be reasonable to make backups first to several Disk Image files
of 640 MB each in order to have the backup data divided in portions as
it is needed for CD-ROM burning . As far as I can see, Retrospect  4.2
does not support any removable media other than those mounted over SCSI?
Is that right or is there some workaround in order to have backups to
multiple removable media items not mounted from SCSI drive?

Many thanks in advance and regards, André


Andre Mueller
Okenstrasse 7 / CH-8037 Zurich / Switzerland
Tel +41-1-350 76 10 / Fax +41-1-350 76 12

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