Eric Ullman notes:

>First of all, I personally use one of these drives, and it rocks. It
>replaced an aging DDS-2 drive, and I absolutely love the VXA. I use it with
>a SuperMac S900 clone (basically a 9500), connected to the mediocre
>logic-board SCSI, and I still get over 135 MB/min locally. Two more systems
>are also backed up as clients, but that's only over 10baseT, so we won't go
>there. ;-)

I concur. I have an S900 with the Umax E100 card (100Base-T plus 
fast/wide SCSI, check Small Dog, PowerOn, Other World for possible 
supplies at $40 or so). My local backup is in the same ranged. Network 
backup peaks at about 60 MB/min over 10Base-T, so I'm exploring a few 
100Base-T switch options, which should allow faster network backup (we've 
sometimes passed 300 MB/min at work). At that point I'll probably move 
the VXA drive to my SuperMac J700, which functions primarily as a server 
for my email lists.

One thing I really appreciate about Retrospect is the ease of moving it 
to another computer, which I've done several times at work.

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