>  a SuperMac S900 clone (basically a 9500), connected to the mediocre
>  logic-board SCSI, and I still get over 135 MB/min locally. Two more

As one of the original posters with slow performance (50 MB/min max 
locally) then from the above I can only conclude there is some sort 
of hardware problem with our drive or our computer (Power Tower Pro 
225). Since we get _slower_ performance from the VXA drive on the 
_fast internal_ bus than we do from an old DDS-2 drive on the 
mediocre external bus. Removing everything from the external bus does 
not change the performance of an internal drive -> VXA backup.

The VXA drive is in the middle of the internal terminated Fast SCSI-2 bus.

Software compression is off.

(i.e. I did NOT check the "allow software compression" box... so I 
presume this means software compression is off and hardware is on?. 
The only places I see to set this is when the original back up set is 
created and within the individual backup server script. Any other 
place I might be missing to turn off software compression?

Thanks for any and all help/advice,
-Greg Morin

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