>  > The VXA drive is in the middle of the internal terminated Fast SCSI-2 bus.
>If your internal drive is on the same SCSI bus as the VXA drive, then that's
>your bottleneck, and that's why the other tape drive is faster...it's on a
>different bus.

I'm afraid I don't understand SCSI buses as well as I thought then 
;-) Why does this create a bottleneck for internal HD->VXA writes? 
The internal drive is Fast SCSI-2 (and benchmarks in the 8 MB/s 
read/write range with HDT 4)... so it seems like the drive itself 
should not be slowing things down. Also, ignoring the internal drive 
tests, in normal network backup use the VXA still performs more 
slowly, anywhere from 25%-50% slower than the DDS-2 (identical 
backups, I'm running backups to each device nightly).

Please feel free to talk to me like I'm an idiot ;-) because 
apparently I don't understand this as well as I thought ;-)

-Greg Morin

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