>Hi all,
>Apple has said that Mac OS X Server, as it exists it today, will be replaced
>by a new one based on their upcoming Mac OS X release. We are planning on
>supporting Mac OS X, and the new Mac OS X Server, with a new Carbonized
>release of Retrospect and the Retrospect Client currently in development. We
>have been participating in Apple's Developer Kitchens for Mac OS X, and we
>plan to ship at the same time as Mac OS X.
>Eric Ullman
>Dantz Development
RE: I can understand holding the full retrospect client up until shipping, but I 
believe you should be able to provide a carbon client soon.  I believe it would be 
acceptable if this client was not fully sanctioned for Mac OSX, and that it be deemed 
as Client public beta. It could also only support the HFS+ file system. This would 
allow us to move onto OSX in a timely fashion.  If not we will have to consider 
competitors products.

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