>RE: I can understand holding the full retrospect client up until 
>shipping, but I believe you should be able to provide a carbon 
>client soon.  I believe it would be acceptable if this client was 
>not fully sanctioned for Mac OSX, and that it be deemed as Client 
>public beta. It could also only support the HFS+ file system. This 
>would allow us to move onto OSX in a timely fashion.  If not we will 
>have to consider competitors products.

All well and good, but as pointed out already, the driver I/O kit 
from Apple is crucial. Apple doesn't have a very good record of this 
so far with OSX. Lots of bells and whistles and aquafication, not 
much support for anybody who is talking to a device. Go figure. We're 
in the same boat with our product, which includes a PCI board. 
Granted, there has been recent movement with the kit, but we were 
asking about this a long time ago to Apple and mostly the response 
was "yeah, yeah, whatever". You should definitely consider a 
competitor's product when a solution isn't available, but make sure 
you tell it to -Apple- ;-)

rant over.

Stefan Jeglinski

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