Ok, I've had it.  I have a 7600/132 with 64 MB of RAM running OS 8.1 and 
ASIP 5.0.3.  I realize that's pretty skimpy but we intend to upgrade in the 
new budget year.  As for serving up files it does just fine but every 
single time it gets backed up over the network it crashes and Retrospect 
gives a 519 error.  Perhaps it's not the server perse at all.  I have 2 
external SCSI drives on this Mac.  The first in the chain is a Seagate 9G 
Barracuda (ST39175LW).  Double checking I see this is an LVD device which 
according to Seagate's specs is suppose to work on a SCSI-1 or SCSI-2 chain 
but maybe it's causing the problem.  The second drive is a Seagate 4.5 Gb 
Cheetah (ST34501N).  What exactly is the level of SCSI on PowerMacs?  I 
find it confusing that SCSI has changed so much but it seems like the SCSI 
port in the Macs has always been the same.

Additional info, backup tape server is a 7500/100 with 32 MB of RAM and it 
has no problem backing up other clients over the network.  The tape server 
and the file server are both plugged into network connections on the wall 
and each of those connections go directly to a Bay switch (which I have no 
idea how it's configured, not my equipment)

Hope someone can give me some ideas. I'm getting tired of people saying 
"The servers down!"  And I reply, "Sure it is...I was trying to back it up!"

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