Have you checked the drive with DiskWarrior or Norton Utils?  I've 
seen servers freeze following a backup when their drives had files 
with corrupt resources.

Just a thought.

Gary Bernstein wrote:
>I can't pinpoint this problem and I hope maybe one of you have seen it. I
>have about 100 G3 or imac computers and this problem is only affecting 1
>Blue and White G3. The scenario is that the user puts the computer in
>Shutdown mode and leaves the computer with the bouncing retrospect logo
>running. The computer gets backed up with a script set to not shutdown the
>computer. The next morning the user comes in and the retrospect logo is
>still bouncing (which is correct), but the mouse and keyboard are
>unresponsive. We have to pull the plug or hit the power switch to reboot,
>then the user gets the "you didn't shut me down properly" message.
>Any ideas on why the keyboard and mouse become unresponsive.
>I have tried having retrospect shutdown the computer with a shutdown
>script, but that seems to crash the computer as well.

Eric Zylstra

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