Luke: Here are two scenarios, I hope one of them meets your needs.

Method 1 - automated
1. Back up what's there now (twice :-) to create a new snapshot.
2. Restore the old snapshot using the "Replace Corresponding files"
destination setting. (This overwrites new file versions, but doesn't delete
new files.)
3. Restore the new snapshot using the "Replace Corresponding files"
destination setting. (This restores the new file versions that were
overwritten by the previous restore.)

Method 2 - manually
1. Preview the restore of the old version using the Replace Corresponding
destination setting. Leave the Files Chosen window open with all files
marked (checked).
2. Go to Configure>Volumes and browse the destination. Select All and Copy.
3. Switch to the restore's Files Chosen browser. Paste. All corresponding
files will be highlighted. Unmark.
4. Restore. None of the existing files will be overwritten because you're
not restoring any of them.

Extra credit - automate method 2 using a Saved Highlights selector. (Very
scary, try it on a test case first!!! :-)

I agree that neither of these is quite as friendly as an setting that says
"don't overwrite older files". If neither of the above works for you, let's
get in touch and hash it out, then I'll let you report to the list.

Best Regards,

Paul Mackinney
Dantz Development Corporation

>>> I'm in the midst of a big workstation rollout and I'm using Retrospect
>>> to move data between computers. Here's the scenario --
>>> Users moving from a G3 running 8.6 to a G4 running 9.0.4. I back up each
>>> G3 to its own backup file on an external HD.
>>> I have a standard profile of system folder & standard apps, etc, that
>>> I've pre-installed onto every G4, using Apple Software Restore and a
>>> custom .img file I created.
>>> I want to back up the G3's and restore the files onto the G4's, but I
>>> don't want to overwrite newer items with older items. (especially things
>>> like "Finder" and "System").
>>> Is there a way I can prevent Retro overwriting corresponding items that
>>> have a newer mod date?
>>> --
>>> top of the world,
>>> Luke Jaeger, Technology Coordinator
>>> Disney Magazine Publishing
>>> Northampton, Massachusetts

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