I have installed my first VXA drive at a mixed Mac/PC LAN of about 25 
systems total. It's a switched 10/100B-t network.

I noticed today that the drive was only getting about 29 gigs per 
tape. After talking with Ecrix, I found out that the drive may be 
encountering network slowdowns...there are several older systems on 
the network...and the drive is putting gaps on the tape to compensate.

Even more interesting, I found out that Ecrix has a DOS utility that 
will toggle the drive settings so it will maximize tape capacity 
instead of speed, which will hopefully get more data on the tape.

Okay, so once I locate a Windows machine with 25 pin female SCSI out, 
or the right adapters, and get the Ecrix tool running and so forth, I 
will get the drive capacity over 33 megs...maybe. Or I can boot up 
VPC and see if it can drive an Adaptec 2906 card and the DOS 

I'm wondering if anyone on the list has run into this problem or have 
any tips on how to diagnose the extent of the problem.


Todd Reed
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