>On 2000-07-03 17:49 +0200, "Andre Mueller" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>  This may be an out off topic question, but I have used Retrospect for
>>  years in network environments and have switched recently to a Linux
>>  based file server. As far as I can see, there is no available product on
>>  the market that supports a Linux backup-server with possible MacOS
>>  networked clients.
>If memory doesn't fail, I believe arkeia (commercial backup server for
>heterogeneous networks, running on Linux) is able to backup MacOS clients,

I priced out Arkeia about a year ago to backup our Unix/Linux boxes. 
To back up approximately 12 Unix/Linux clients and 3 servers to one 
tape drive was something like $6500.  They charge you per client, per 
server, and per tape drive!  Needless to say, I was *NOT* pleased.

I have yet to find any Unix/Linux software that's as easy to use as 
Retrospect.  Nothing in the Unix/Linux world comes close.

The discussion of a Linux/Unix client for Retrospect comes up every 
few months or so, and Dantz is always tight-lipped on the subject. 
The demand is there (I'd sure use it), but only they know if there 
are any plans for such software.  Perhaps with the release of OS X, 
we'll see some sort of Linux/Unix client.



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