At 9:17 AM +0200 7/10/00, Jean-Yves Berthet wrote:
>I am using Retrospect server 4.1A (FR) for Macintosh.
>Why Retrospect does not backup empty folders ?

Here's Matthew's response from a few weeks ago:

At 4:30 PM -0700 6/19/00, Matthew Tevenan wrote:
>The following is from the Retrospect common questions from the Dantz
>How do I restore empty folders without restoring the entire hard disk?
>Go to Immediate>Restore and in the dialog which follows, select "Restore an
>entire disk" (the top radio button). Then select the source backup set and
>Snapshot. At the destination window, select your target volume and, from the
>pop-up menu, choose any restore method other than "Retrieve just files."
>In the files chosen Browser, double-click either the root of the source
>volume or an entire enclosing folder which contains empty folders. Empty
>folders will be highlighted but not marked. When you execute the restore,
>all the enclosed empty folders will be restored. No other combination of
>restore types or file selection will restore any empty folders.
>Be very careful when restoring. If you choose "Restore entire" or "Replace
>corresponding files" in the restore method pop-up menu, Retrospect will
>replace and/or delete files on the destination volume.
>Please call us if you have any further questions about how to do this.
>Matthew Tevenan
>Technical Support Specialist
>Dantz Development Corporation

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