Greetings everyone,

As some of you may already know, Dantz verified that there is a bug in
several versions of the firmware of the Yamaha CRW6416 and CRW4416 CD-RW
drives. The bug will cause the drive to intermittently return error 100 or
­100 (device rejected command) when used with Retrospect or Retrospect
Express on slower Macintosh and PC models. We are pleased to report that
these problems have been fixed with the latest release version of Yamahašs
firmware for each drive.

Some of you may have received a beta firmware version from Dantz. Yamaha has
released a final version of this firmware which has been tested successfully
in DantzLab with both drives. The latest version for the CRW6416 is 1.0d.
The latest version for the CRW4416 is 1.0j. Both are now available at the
following links:

<> (US site)
<> (Japan

To check what version of firmware you have, do the following:

1. From the Retrospect Directory click Configure, then Devices.
2. Click Device Status (or SCSI Status in Retrospect or Retrospect Express
3. Look for the line starting with "Yamaha" and check the version column.
This is the firmware version.

The firmware bug is present in all versions up to and including 1.0c of the
Yamaha CRW6416 drivešs firmware, and in version 1.0h of the Yamaha CRW4416
drivešs firmware. 

Once you have updated your drivešs firmware, you will be able to back up to
your Yamaha CRW6416 or CRW4416 without receiving error 100 or ­100.

As this is the final version of the beta firmware version previously
released, it is recommended you update your drive to this version. If you
choose not to because things are working fine with the beta firmware, I
can't guarantee Yamaha will provide technical support or service as this is
beta firmware, albeit beta firmware released by Yamaha. The final choice, as
always, is yours.

If you have any trouble using the firmware update or questions about it,
please contact Yamaha support from the link on the firmware download page.

If you have problems with Retrospect after applying the firmware update or
have any other Retrospect questions, please contact Dantz Technical Support
at 925.253.3050 or at [EMAIL PROTECTED]


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

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