>I'm talking about byte-by-byte comparison.  If you do no comparison, 
>do you check to see that your data is restorable?  If you don't check 
>it, you must not have heard the common stories about having no 
>useable backup after a major crash.  I've heard many.

OK, i'm off for a 3 weeks vaccation any day but i'll read my mail when i
come home.

What do you do when you get a bad byte-by-byte comparison?

I also wished Dantz included a small email client in the retro server so
that the log could easilly be mailed to the administrator. I've tried to
get the thirdparty thing to work twize but it fails each time.

Maybe I do another try around christmas or if anyone have a brighter
sollution than the current, please mail it to me, mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

I plan to use Luke Jaegers suggestion of one tape each day, wouldn't that
be secure enough?? I mean, if the byte-to-byte comparisson fails it nly
matters if it fails on the single files the client were just working with
or did I miss something... 

My experience with our hardware is that if one leave them they usually can
stand trouble free for years. It's been like that so far.

We did our backup to a harddrive before we bought the VXA tapes and I'm new
to tape bakup.


/ jakob

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