>  >I'm talking about byte-by-byte comparison.  If you do no comparison,
>  >do you check to see that your data is restorable?  If you don't check
>  >it, you must not have heard the common stories about having no
>  >useable backup after a major crash.  I've heard many.
>What do you do when you get a bad byte-by-byte comparison?

I monitor by backups daily.  If I see a media failure, I give the 
drive another shot with the tape cleaner, try the tape immediately 
for another backup and if it fails, throw it into the garbage.

>I also wished Dantz included a small email client in the retro server so
>that the log could easilly be mailed to the administrator. I've tried to
>get the thirdparty thing to work twize but it fails each time.

There is a way you can manage this with AppleScript, but I've not 
implemented it myself.

>I plan to use Luke Jaegers suggestion of one tape each day, wouldn't that
>be secure enough?? I mean, if the byte-to-byte comparisson fails it nly
>matters if it fails on the single files the client were just working with
>or did I miss something...

The key is that you need to know the media -or- the drive has failed. 
Otherwise, you experience a silent failure--the write to tape failed, 
but you have no idea until you attempt to do a critical restore. 
Then you are screwed.

Now, if you have sufficient funding for a new tape every day (365 1/4 
tapes a year), then you probably could find a faster and better 
backup apparatus (i. e., a bunch of IDE drives).

Hope you enjoy your holiday.

Eric Zylstra

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