Hi Everyone!

Almost every night my backup stucks in the finder background and it can only
be continued when it is clicked in the foreground again.
I removed every possible task, like sherlock indexing, time sync, diabled my
virex scheduler and so on.
The only processes running are the finder, retrospect, outlook express, the
program switcher and the apple script called the retrospect event handler,
which is responsible for sending a message to outlook express after the
backup failed or was successful...
I even disabled the event handler script and outlook express and nothing
I used peek-a-boo, an appwatcher to make a history over night, to find out,
whick process is causing the stuck, but it traced nothing.
I trashed the retrospect pref and rebuild it, changed the order of backup to
find out, if it will happen on another time or the same time, but it seems
there is no logical clue either.
It does not happen on a specific time, nor does it get stuck on a specific

One thing I will look for, is,  wahat happens if I do disable the program
switcher. That is one thing, I havent done yet.

I updated my adaptec scsi driver to the latest useable release, updated my
german retrospect to 4.1e, I setup the computer again to 8.6, rebuild the
retrospect prefs.
Am I blind or what?
What do I oversee?
And No, we poor germans cant update to a newer version of retrospect, until
it is released in our language, which hopefully should happen TOMORROW! ;-)

Another question: 
Is there an app, that can keep retrospect in the foreground, whatever
happens? That could help too!

Please help, if you can ;-)

Thanks in advance

Oliver Kess

I am using the german 4.1e of Retrospect on a 7300/200 with OS8.6 and an
Adaptec scsi controller.
The clients are connected via tcp/ip with fixed adresses.

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