>Almost every night my backup stucks in the finder background and it can only
>be continued when it is clicked in the foreground again.
>updated my german retrospect to 4.1e

You should be able to change your Retrospect preferences so that your 
backup does not stop even if Retrospect does switch to the 
background. Look for a preference group called something like "Run 
Control", and make sure "Pause in Background" is off.

This description uses English Retrospect 4.3, so may be of limited use:
1) Open the Directory window (it opens by default when you launch Retrospect)
2) switch to the "Special" pane (using the tab on the right)
3) click on "Preferences" button
4) click on "Run Control" from the list on the left
5) I get two options for Run Control, "Pause in Background" and "Stop 
on Errors". Make sure that "Pause in Background" is off and does not 
have a tick beside it.
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