Title: RE: Aarrggh! 519 error...-Spanning Tree Protocol?

    If it is the Spanning Tree Protocol causing the problem then you have two alternative courses of action -
    1. Disable it entirely, or
    2. Enable Portfast  at the Switch

    The STP problem only affects Appletalk on the G3's & G4's, because the STP keeps the port closed during the  critical seconds at startup, when the Mac broadcasts its preferred Appletalk Address. The fast Macs do not wait long enough for the port to open. Hence it may get a duplicate address. You can force the Mac to rebroadcast it's address by turning Appletalk off then on manually, after it is running. This should give it a new, unique Appletalk Address.

    Refer to Apple's Tech Info Library for a complete discussion of symptoms of this infuriating problem.



    >We have a 519 network-loosing-connection-with-client-error, which i
    >have traced (finally) to a new HP Procurve 2424M switch installed as
    >a central switch in our star topology network.
    >It has 100tx links to SMC Tigerswitches in other buildings.
    >If the Blue and white G3 running retrospect is connected directly to
    >the HP switch only 4 of our 30 clients get backed up
    >When i move the G3 to one of the arms of the star and plug into any
    >SMC switch the backup runs just fine achieving speeds up to 60
    >The HP switch does not report any errors
    >anyone come across this?

    This might be a bit late to do any good, but I thought I'd mention one
    observation. I've had plenty of trouble in the past when setting up
    NetBoot labs where new switches have been installed. Starting with iMacs
    and B&W G3s (the first Macs with built-in 10/100 Ethernet), switches with
    Spanning Tree turned on do not work well (if at all) with those Macs. You
    might check your HP switch to make sure to turn off Spanning Tree
    routing/switching for the ports where you have your Macs. Once this was
    done in my NetBoot labs, everything sprang to life and it worked
    perfectly. Hope this helps...


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