Title: Re: freezes in Mac while backing up....
No solution here, but I have a similar problem on a G3 AppleShareIP server.  I followed Dantz's directions perfectly and anytime I try to back the server up either locally or over the network, the backup stops and the AppleShareIP server locks up.

I'm not running any special extensions beyond Apple OS 9.0.4 and AppleShareIP.
I'm not backing up the mail directory at all, nor am I backing up the System Folder.  I do those manually to CDR every couple months.

If I shut down the mail server, it still locks up, if I shut down the AppleShareIP server it works perfectly.  I've been doing this manually since I cannot seem to figure out the problem myself.

Hello, this is my first posting to this mail list.
I have recently purchased Retrospect Workgroup Backup 4.3 to backup a G3 server onto a Seagate Scorpion 24 (STD224000N-SB) tape drive, and I have only one problem with it....
The backup run of any script ( or any backup attempt at all) will freeze at a random point during execution, with the software running and the tape drive read light off, and remain so forever.  If the system is loaded without extensions, everything works fine, the script run perfectly.
The obvious problem I have been trying to fix is some sort of conflict with the extensions, and I have been removing ones from the extensions folder and disabling them to attempt to find the one or ones causing the problem. This has not worked, and I am honestly stumped.
Anyone have any ideas?
-Andrew Stein

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