Andrew Stein said:
>The backup run of any script ( or any backup attempt at all) will 
>freeze at a random point during execution, with the software running 
>and the tape drive read light off, and remain so forever.  If the 
>system is loaded without extensions, everything works fine, the 
>script run perfectly.

I have seen this kind of problems when I had one or more files with 
corrupted resource forks on the ASIP server.  It would choke either 
at the time of backing up the corrupted file or shortly after the 
backup completed.  Check with DiskWarrior and/or Norton Utilities to 
locate any such files and then either trash the outright or try to 
repair them by opening them up with ResEdit (usually doesn't work).

Brad Suinn, ASIP enginner, has posted a file to his iDisk that has a 
number of recommendations for making your server most stable (user 
name "Suinn").  It is quite worth the read.  It has a section with 
regards to Retrospect.
Eric Zylstra

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