Hello Aaron,

If you are continuously getting corrupted catalogs, try running
ScanDisk/Chkdsk on the volume where the catalog is stored. You may also want
to store the catalog elsewhere on your hard drive. The large size of your
catalog wouldn't make it any more susceptible to corruption.

As a precaution, it may be a good idea to keep a copy of the most recent
catalog on another volume. This way a corrupt current catalog will require
only an update from the copy, instead of a complete recreation.

You also mention memory errors, although I don't see any detailed here. if
you'd like to look into these, please give tech support a call.


Irena Solomon
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

on 8/13/00 5:54 PM, Aaron Scott at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Hi Retrospect Users,
> I have been using retrospect backup 5.1 (100 user license) for NT backups
> over the last 6 months with hardly any problems.
> I am only running one backup set at a time on our NT server to one tape drive
> (DDS3) but am using two scripts (desktops scheduled to start at 10pm each day,
> laptops via backup server) to the one tape backup set.
> About once every 3 weeks I get an error -1101 and I lose the catalog file.
> Although I have added several tapes to the tape backup set. The error is:
> "Can't access backup set ..... error -1101 (file/directory not found)"
> The catalog on disk becomes corrupt I can't reload the .rbc file manually:
> "Update catalog - File is not a catalog or is heavily damaged"
> The first time this happened I was getting low virtual memory errors
> (I have 128MB in the machine+196 swapfile) and started a new backup set using
> a 
> compressed catalog. But this also failed.
> My catalog files range from 110MB -> 180MB in size.  I guess this is resonably
> large - even for a compressed catalog. I know the manual gives the expected
> size for every n-thousand files.
> I am backing up 35 NT workstations + 5 NT servers + 10 win95/98 laptops using
> Normal backup and I haven't recycled any tapes.
> When I start a new tape with only one scheduled (normal/incrementalplus)
> backup 
> of everything set my catalog file (uncompressed) is around 100MB with about
> 30GB of data being backed up first time around.
> Has anyone else had these problems?  I guess adding more RAM would postpone
> the memory errors but I am looking at adding more machines to be backed
> up in the next few weeks.
> Thanks
> Aaron

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