Title: Re: DHCP and PCs...FEATURE REQUEST...
Configuring Retrospect to look for clients with subnet broadcast isn't associated with their IP address; Retrospect will look for any machine on in that subnet with the client software loaded. If you add any particular machine by IP address, though, Retrospect will be looking for that client at THAT address only. You may need to forget a client that you have added by address before subnet broadcast will allow you to log it in independent of it's (assigned) IP address. Just make sure that you have added in the appropriate range for the subnets you want Retrospect to look in.

If this doesn't work, I'd suggest you give tech support a call and we can make sure that everything is properly configured.


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Right! That works. We can see the clients but if their IP address changes , Retrospect no longer sees them.
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The most direct solution to this issue is to use the Subnet Broadcast feature available in Retrospect 4.2 Mac and Retrospect 5.0 Server Backup and later. From the backup Mac, go to Configure -> Clients -> Network, and under the TCP/IP menu at the top of the screen, select Configure Subnet Broadcast. Enter the subnet address and subnet mask. On the Windows side, go to Configure -> Clients -> Add, click Advanced and choose Subnet Broadcast. This will allow Retrospect to see the clients that are assigned IP addresses by DHCP.

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You know what would be really cool to do, is to tie AppleTalk and TCP/IP into the Retrospect Clients.

This seems like it would work real well for DHCP clients to have both AppleTalk and TCP/IP talking to the server.  Why? AppleTalk could be used to tell the server the current IP address of the machine.  It could also be used as a fall back in case IP fails.

This won't solve any problems for folks that don't pass AppleTalk at all, but it will for the others.

I am having problems keeping my windows clients backed up.

Our setup is as follows:
Mac G4 running Retrospect 4.3
We have 4 subnets in our building. Our G4 lives on one , while the clients live on the other 3 subnets.
The problem appears to be related to DHCP.

We have a seven day lease period for IP addresses.
It appears that whenever the client's IP address changes, the backup server loses track of the client and therefore the client does not get backed up.
I have to manually add them back into the client database and re-add them to the script.
Does anyone have any experience or suggestions with running a backup server and using DHCP as the method for assigning IP addresses?

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