Sounds like a good setup, Phil. You will have to use TCP/IP to back up the
Mac clients, as there isn't any AppleTalk client support in the Windows
version of Retrospect. Other than that, you shouldn't have anything to be
concerned about. Retrospect Workgroup Backup for Windows works just like the
Mac version.

Have fun!

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

Phil Geller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> A client of mine is wants to install a backup system.  He has 2 Macs and one
> Windows 2000 system.  We'd like to make the W2000 system the server, using
> an Onstream ADR 30GB IDE Drive, since the hardware is much less expensive
> than the SCSI hardware for the Mac.  (Performance is not a high priority in
> this case.)  I haven't installed a W2000 Retrospect Workgroup Backup yet.
> I'm just wondering if there are any serious issues I should be aware of.
> Can the Mac clients use AppleTalk, or must they use TCP/IP when backing up
> to a W2000 system.

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