> My current backup set has 7 members (tapes) and
>the catalog file (compressed) is about 142MB.
>The problem is that Retrospect spends over 90% of the time "Matching"
>files from the clients to the catalog and very little time backing up
>(writing to the tape). My network throughput is not fantastic, yet not
>bad. I noticed that during the "Matching" period my CPU usage is 100%.

Hi Ben,

It sounds to me like you could use a bit of a redesign of your backup 
strategy. What kind of scripting have you in place? In other words, I'm 
guessing you do a full backup on, say Friday night. After that you do 
incremental backups. So, how many days/weeks do you go before you start 
the next backup set? And how often are you doing a recycle/new backup? 
Your 142MB catalog and 7 member DLT set seem pretty hefty for backing up 
only 60 machines. 

>I would like to shorten as much as I can this "matching" time and use my
>14 hours allotted to backing up for doing the actual work. Does anybody
>know what can I do software/hardwarewise to achieve this?

If you run your backups a week at a time you ought to be able to reduce 
your backup time as Retrospect won't have to go through so much data in 
the catalog. 

Basically, a full/recycle backup followed by incrementals to round out 
the week and then offsite the set when you start a new full/recycle 
backup the next weekend should help reduce your backup time.


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