> > >The problem is that Retrospect spends over 90% of the time "Matching"
> > >files from the clients to the catalog and very little time backing up
> > >(writing to the tape). My network throughput is not fantastic, yet not
> > >bad. I noticed that during the "Matching" period my CPU usage is 100%.

In addition to modifying your strategy (since one backup set per month
probably won't provide the level of safety you want), you might want to look
at changing computers from a PII to a PIII. The matching process is very CPU
intensive and scales based on CPU performance.

The interesting thing about backup systems is that there are so many places
for potential performance issues: network, backup drive, OS, I/O, etc. It's
rare (and wonderful!) when you can change one component and have a huge
impact on backup performance.


Craig Isaacs
Dantz Development Corporation

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