Backing up with a FireWire/SCSI adapter should work in theory, although it
will come down to the specifics of the hardware. How well does the drive
work with the adapter?  We'd have to thoroughly test such a configuration
before we would officially support it, which we have yet to do. For
reference: of the USB/SCSI adapters available, some were reliable enough for
backup and some were not. In general, the faster the transfer rate, the
greater the chance for failure.

Note that several companies (including Onstream and Imation) have announced
upcoming releases of (non-native) Firewire drives. These drives will
actually ship with Retrospect bundled. More info at:


Irena Solomon
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

on 8/24/00 3:37 PM, Ken Gillett at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Does Dantz have any experience of these type of adapters? Would
> Retrospect deal with the DAT drive correctly?
> At 1:58 PM -0500 24/8/00, Douglas K Wyman wrote:
>> Native FireWire on tape drives?...not yet but here are some other solutions:
>> Orange Micro and Ratoc Systems have both introduced FireWire/SCSI adapters
>> that allow a single SCSI device to be connected to IEEE 1349 (FireWire).
>> These are both inexpensive, very new and therefore relatively untried but
>> would seem to be the best avenues to explore.
>> The Orange Micro product is narrow FastSCSI only (up to 10MB/s) and
>> lists for $99.
>> The RATOC product is narrow UltraSCSI (up to 20MB/s) and has dual
>> FireWire ports for $89 list
>> but won't be available until November.
>> Neither device claims to allow booting from SCSI devices.
>> Only one SCSI device can be attached to each adapter but several adapters
>> can be linked on a single FireWire chain.
>> Douglas K Wyman
>> Houston TX
>>> Has anybody heard of a Firewire DAT drive. IOW, a DAT that could be
>>> used from a Mac G4 Cube?
>>> --
>>> Ken  G i l l e t t

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