I'm SOOOOO embarrassed to have missed this, but YES I've used Retrospect
under NT 4.0/SP4-6 with my OverlandData LXBD7110R for about 2 years (started
w/ Dantz's Gama product).  I typically run a combination of disk/tape, and
it works GREAT!  I even occasionally have the server auto-restart, reboot to
the default partition configured for use w/ Veritas Backup Exec, autosuck
our Exchange (for message-level granularity) and MS-SQL, and restart the
whole thing back to Retrospect in the morning.  I typically have Backup Exec
and Retrospect tapes coexisting in the library w/ no problem.
Simultaneously, I run another Retrospect on another NT4 server for
disk-based quickies.  I've also tested this entire process on W2K Server and
Adv. Server, and it works great, even spanning Active Directory.

Happy Mark

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> Anyone have an Overland LoaderXpress 10 Cartridge Library or 
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> I hear they have good expandability.
> We are thinking of purchasing one.
> Just want to benefit from your experiences (good or bad.)
> Matt Reynolds
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