I just upgraded to 4.3 and was happy that the 2 GB file limit was 
fixed. Imagine my surprise when I ran into a 16 MB catalog limit. See 
the log entry below. With today's costs of storage at $4/GB (recent 
Fry's ad for 40 GB drive @ $160), I think Dantz would be well advised 
to remove all limits in Retrospect.

Can anyone comment if the 16 MB catalog limit is going to fixed soon? 
Are there any other limits I will run into after this one. Can 
someone describe why this limit exists? My guess us that there is a 
24 bit quantity in a data structure that causes the limit and that 
the other byte is used for something else. If that is the case, it 
doesn't sound too hard to fix.

I have to say I am really disappointed that after the long wait for 
the 2 GB limit fix (I believe it's more than a year since support 
existed in the OS) I run smack into another limit.

Log entry:
Can't save Snapshot in mac-file-terah-a, error -25051 (file backup 
set catalog limited to 16 MB)


Lawrence E. Bakst
leb (at) iridescent (dot) org

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