Hi list,

has anyone out there had any success with Perl as scripting language for 
the Retrospect 5.1 external scripting on Windows NT?

What I am trying to do is shut down a SAP R/3 server and associated DB/2 
database at the start of a Retrospect backup script, and start them up 
again when the script is done. I have hacked up a Perl script that about 
does what I need and mails the results to me - but I have yet to find out 
how to persuade Retrospect to call a "RetroEventHandler.pl". The scripting 
documentation provided by Dantz is a little, umm, "basic" and essentially 
points to M$.

I have the M$ "Windows Scripting Host" installed and the ActiveState Perl 
(build 618) package which comes with a "PerlScript" addon to the WSH so I 
can e.g. start the "RetroEventHandler.pl" from the command line.

Retrospect calls a "RetroEventHandler.bat" just fine and for the moment I 
have resorted to calling my Perl script from a .bat. But that pops up a CLI 
window whenever a script gets executed and is generally ... kludgy.

Next problem is that I do not appear to get the StartSource/EndSource 
events from RS that the "External Scripts/Quit Exchange Bat" example uses; 
All I see are StartApp/EndApp events and  MediaRequest events (several, 
although RS can access the tape just fine).

Any ideas or experiences?


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