Hello everyone,

Can I ask your help on this problem which is perplexing me. I installed
Retrospect Backup Express on my Windows2000 Professional workstation and
configured it to backup to a network drive (Windows NT 4 Server). I can
manually use Retrospect to backup to this network drive. However, when I use
scheduling to backup weekly to this network drive, Retrospect returns an
error message of "destination unknown". I know this is a Windows2000 problem
because after a minute or so, there would be a red X across my network drive
icon - indicating that this drive is "disconnected" from the network. When I
double-click on the "Red X-ed" network drive icon, I can access it but after
another minute of inactivity (that is, I am not accessing this drive), the
red X would appear again.
I have searched the Microsoft support WebPages, including the TechNet
WebPages. I even went through my Microsoft TechNet CDs and there does not
appear to be a solution to this problem.
I must also add that this problem does not occur on my Windows 98 and NT 4
Workstation machines.

Thank you in advance for all your help and recommendations.


Edward Kwan

Children's Cancer Institute Australia for Medical Research
Sydney Children's Hospital
High Street
N.S.W 2031

Telephone:  (+612) 9382 1824
Facsimile:  (+612) 9382 1850
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