>However our company has grown some over time and the use of CD-R is no longer
>a real option as it takes too long to do a full backup of the 30GB or so of
>data on the LAN.

I like VXA. Tapes hold 33 MB before compression, although I haven't hit 
that level on my home network -- probably due to slow 6100s and Quadras 
not able to send data fast enough. Cost for the drive ranges from $600 to 
$1200+, depending on the deal you manage to find. Tapes are $80 each.

At work, we use AIT, which has a native capacity of 25 GB and averages 
about 35 GB compressed. AIT seems to work better backing up older, slower 
Macs on the network. I've never run *under* the tapes rated capacity, as 
I did with my first VXA tape at home. Cost of drives is much higher 
($2000+). Tapes are about $80, also.

I have no experience with DLT.

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