Once upon a 26-09-2000, Pam Lefkowitz hit keys in the following order:
> It sounds like you're backing up via static IP addresses but the clients 
> are running on DHCP. Therefore, when they reboot they'll have a new IP 
> address and Retrospect won't find them. You might want to check to make 
> sure you're using Subnet Broadcast or Multicast so that the clients will 
> automagically be found after the next reboot.

I'm using DHCP, true, but the server is using Subnet Broadcast so it should
work. That's not the problem anyhow, because even though i use DHCP, the
clients always get the same ipaddress, because there are plenty of leases

> Hope this helps,

It did, thanx. I don't know why, but i get DHCP warnings in the event viewer.
It can't renew its information. When i try to do it manually though, it works
fine. I guess Retrospect doesn't accept/get and unvalidated lease. This could
be a Win2K problem... Weird thing is that somehow windows just starts using the
unvalidate lease (it definitely doesn't do a renew), and after that happens,
Retrospect works as well! and on goes my battle against things that really


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