I was working today on an 300  mhz IBM running Win 98. The system had 
recently been installed with Retrospect 5.11 Workgroup Server. The 
LAN was running through a standard 10Bt hub. and there were several 
Macs and 2 PC's on the network including the server PC.

Retrospect launches fine, and will do local desktop backups to an 
internal 20 gig Travan drive. When trying to add network clients to 
the network database, a password prompt comes up, then whether you 
enter a password or cancel, the PC immediately blue screens with a 
cryptic error message about 'exception 06' plus some hex code. If you 
hit a key to restart, the screen goes black with a white box in the 
middle saying 'Explorer' and the printer starts kicking out infinite 
amounts of blank paper.

Anyway, the main thing is that Retrospect crashes after completing 
the password prompt dialogue. At Dantz support's request, I deleted 
the prefs and the backup prefs and tried again to no avail. They also 
suggested that I update the ethernet card's driver, but since the 
system is only 6 months old I wonder if that could be the problem.

Any suggestions on what else I could try appreciated. TIA for your help.

Todd Reed

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