Does anyone happen to have an applescript already built to close filemaker
dB's so they can backed up and the reopen after the backup is complete. I do
two nightly scripts and what I'd like to have this happen:
Filemaker/Retrospect are on the same machine.

Applescript to quit filemaker dB's at say 7:59pm
Run Retrospect Script Entire network at 8pm
Run Retrospect Script Client Archives right after entire network
Quit Retrospect when done
Reopen Filemaker dB's

Is this achievable? I have a dummy open dB that auto opens all my filemaker
dB's so I need to close all of them when I quit but only need to open one on
launch. So even a script that close filemaker and then reboots machine when
retrospect is done would be fine since I have the dummyopen file in my
startup folder. I know retrospect can be set to restart after a script runs
but I have two scripts a night and I am unsure if retrospect is smart enough
to know there is a second script waiting to run.  Help would be greatly
appreciated, applescript is one of my weaker areas.


Garret J. Cleversley
Vice President | Center Page, Inc. | 716-822-2212 | [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Certified Apple Technician | Certified PowerBook Technician
Apple Solution Experts, Consultant | Apple Product Professional

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