Maybe it would be better if Retrospect "recognized" the file it 
itself had messed with and would silently ignore that particular 
error on that particular file.

Just seems fairly logical to me to NOT report that as an error.


At 2:18 PM -0500 10/5/00, Fuzzy Gerdes wrote:
>Retrospect is simply reporting that the file it backed up is a 
>different size than the file that is on the hard-drive. Which is 
>fine, because here's the sequence:
>1. Retrospect backs up it's Operations Log (along with all your other files)
>2. Retrospect writes to the Operation Log that it has backed up all the files.
>3. Retrospect compares the files it backed up to the files on your 
>hard-drive and discovers that one file is different in size. Yup, 
>it's the file that Retrospect just changed, but it doesn't "know" 
>that, so it logs it as an error. To the Operations Log, ironically 
>on 10/5/00 1:53 PM, Chris Benjamin at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>For the past month or so, I've been getting the following error in 
>my backup report. Now I know that this looks like a pretty minor 
>error and it hasn't had any adverse effect when I've had to restore 
>some files here and there. The thing is though, I get this EXACT 
>same error every single day, regardless of the type of script I'm 
>running. Both a normal backup and recycle backup generate the same 
>error. I'm running the following setup. Any ideas or advice would be 
>greatly appreciated...
>Mac G4/500 ASIP Server running OS 9.0.4 with Retrospect 4.3 to a 
>single DLT unit on the server.
>The error log reads as follows...
>10/04/2000 8:00:33 PM: Copying File Server
>10/04/2000 8:02:18 PM: Comparing File Server
>       Different data size (set: 155,280, vol: 155,341) for file 
>"File Server:System
>       Folder:Preferences:Retrospect:Operations Log".
>10/04/2000 8:03:30 PM: 1 execution errors
>       Completed: 103 files, 68.3 MB
>       Performance: 80.3 MB/minute (74.4 copy, 87.1 compare)
>       Duration: 00:02:57 (00:01:15 idle/loading/preparing)
>Thanks in advance,
>Christopher M. Benjamin
>A Trice Digital
>114 - C Dekalb Street
>Bridgeport, PA 19405
>610.272.6900 voice
>610.272.8600 fax
>Erik Fuzzy Gerdes
>Graphics Technology Specialist
>Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
>680 N. Lakeshore Dr.
>Chicago, IL 60611

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