I wish there was a bit more in the way of visual clues/notification 
when there were missing storage set members.


I wanted to restore a computer using the Snapshot facility. I set it 
up, got it going, and it seemed a lot fewer files than there should 
be. I mucked around, and eventually found that one of the backup set 
members was marked as Missing (someone else had played round with my 
machine). I marked it as unmissing (!), and got everything back  OK. 
At no stage was there any (prominent) feedback that it was missing in 
the Restore process. What I'd suggest that if someone is restoring, 
there should be a few alerts (or at least a couple of <BLINK> type 
messages) that it could be incomplete. Also, it would be useful if it 
could be indicated in the backup set list some sort of incomplete 
icon for a missing set, plus a text message.

Here endeth the suggestion. . .
Owen Watson
at home in Wellington, New Zealand

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