Could we get an update from Dantz and Ecrix on the VXA/Retro Mac 
issue, as reported by MacIntouch, 10-20-00 (see below)?

The post on MacIntouch goes a long way to explaining some of the 
problems I've been seeing with my VXA drive. If not for having just 
finishing rebuilding my LAN and upgrading my net connection, and 
installing new servers, routers and switches, I was going to dive 
into troubleshooting the problems I've been having. Maybe all I have 
to do is wait for the firmware update?

I've not only got many 206's, but errors 102 (trouble communicating), 
203 (hardware failure), error 205 (lost access to storage medium), 
error 100 (device rejected command). In addition, after these errors, 
the drive will not continue to use the current tape, and always wants 
a new one (whether 4 gigs or 40 gigs were written to it)--leading me 
to believe the the end of write markers were never properly written, 
which could leave the tape in an unusable condition.

Also, the drive can take up to several hours to eject a tape after 
one of these errors--following Ecrix's advice to eject a tape: power 
down the drive, disconnect it from the backup Mac server, turn it on 
and hit the eject button many times quickly in a row. Makes for a 
very tedious process of continually regenerating backup sets.

I've been using a B&W G3/300 with a Miles Initio Blue Note scsi card 
and OS 9.0.4 with Retro 4.3. Using the VXA tool to maximize capacity 
over speed seemed to exacerbate the situation.


Jim Coefield

 From MacIntouch:

"Just got off the phone with Ecrix tech support. I had just set up my 
new VXA-1, and was getting a lot of type 206 (bad media) errors from 

"According to Kelly at Ecrix, this results from what is apparently a 
timing issue between Mac Retrospect and the Ecrix drive, and is not 
necessarily a media problem. Kelly says that Dantz and Ecrix have 
tracked the problem down, and Ecrix expects to release a firmware 
update to solve the problem within the next week or so."

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