Our Retrospect server is also connected to a KVM - in our case, an 
OmniView 8-port. I've found that if I leave the KVM tuned to 
*anything* over the weekend, that system will have had fits when I 
come in in the morning. This used to especially hose the backup 
server. For some reason, when it's not being watched, the KVM throws 
some funky signals down the wires.

  Our solution was to make sure that the KVM is switched to a null 
port (We have 4 devices, the switch is usually set to monitor #5) 
unless it's in use, and be *absolutely* sure that it's on 5 when we 
leave on Friday. It's worked for about 4 months now.

Marc Bowden               MERIT Network - University of Michigan
System Administration     Desktop Computing Environment Support

"We pride ourselves on being technologically advanced, but I
 know there are some people out there that are secretly practicing
 the technological equivalent of sacrificial chickens and
 bloodletting leeches." - Eric Bowden, BUGNET Editor

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