An indirect solution to your problem would be to install Dan 
Walkowski's Okey Dokey Pro which "presses the default button in modal 
dialogs after a time limit."


At 11:00 AM -0500 10/23/00, Gary R. Bernstein wrote:
>OK. I am at about my wits end with this. Hopefully, somewhere here knows
>of a solution. I have three machines (2 servers and 1 machine that backs
>up my users) that all occasionally have this problem. Lately, the problem
>has been getting worse.
>All of my backups are set to run at night. (actually all are set to run
>after midnight except for 2 scripts on the backup server which start to
>run at 6pm).
>On many mornings, I will come in and find a dialog box on the server that
>says "Do you really want to quit or stop backups" with a OK or resume
>button. At this point, no backups have occured. If I click resume, backups
>start (which can be a problem on the servers if they take long or I get in
>late). If I click cancel, then no backups occur.
>My machines (we will focus on the backup server) is running version 4.2a
>retrospect software and is running on a blue and white g3. It has plenty
>of memory and plenty of hard drive space. It is connected to a kvm switch
>for monitors and keyboards.
>I have set the security preference to ask for a password. At some point, I
>was told this would stop this behavior. It has not.
>This is not making much sense to me, because the only way that the dialog
>box should come up is if someone hits a key on the keyboard or mouse.
>Since no one is in the office, they can't be hitting the keyboard.
>Please help.
>PS. I have considered upgrading to 4.3 but since they don't discuss this
>problem anywhere, I assume that it is a problem that I have been having
>and not a version problem - or I could be wrong.

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