Is there any way to increase the verbosity of retrospect's logging
facility?  I'm using Server backup for Windows NT v5.15.  I've been
having trouble getting some clients backup up (about since the upgrade
to 5.15 from 5.1, but I'm not sure of the timing).  I run a separate
server script for each client, with about 25 total machines/scripts.
The scripts are all scheduled from 8pm to 7am, with a 12 hour backup
interval to avoid net congestion during working hours.
I'd really like it if the log file would minimally contain notes about
which scripts it plans on running when the servers start, which clients
it tried to contact but couldn't, and notes on clients that do not get
backed up due to lack of sufficient time in the schedule.  It appears
from the log that there is plenty of time, but yet some clients do not
get backed up, with no errors noted.  Better logging would help debug
this tremendously...



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