Once upon a 24-10-2000, James Keagan hit keys in the following order:
> I think what happens is that the Retrospect client binds to the IP address
> at startup.  If the IP address changes, the client won't know the new IP
> address until it's restarted.  Irena, is this correct?

that's exactly what i suspect. The problem can't be solved by your workaround,
because i think retrospect binds to an address before windows gets a lease, so
something like or (?) ...

> This might also explain why the laptops work since they are probably turned
> on and off more frequently then desktops.  I remedied all this by just

I think the it has to do with the speed with which the laptops network
connection comes up. that's the only difference,  11Mb in stead of 100Mb...
I'll try and force a Desktop PC down to 10Mb and see what happens.

> computer before the lease expired.  By the way, my lease time is 3 days, but
> I've see admins use much longer time periods like 7 or 10 days.

I trink mine is still set to a few hours (not for any particular reason). the
machines get the same ipaddress, because there are enough ipaddresses

thanx for the ideas.


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