It's really unfortunate...when I upgraded from 4.1 to 4.2, I spoke to sales
at length, and I was assured that it wouldn't make a difference whether I
stayed with RetroMac or switched to the Windoze version.

I upgraded to 4.2 only to find out that it wouldn't work with my 8mm Mammoth
drive, that was working with the Windoze demo perfectly, unless I also
purchased the Advanced Driver Kit (I asked sales this question as well, and
they assumed 4.2 would work with the Mammoth drive out of the box).

Then later on, on this discussion list and elsewhere, it came to light that
RetroPC was significantly different, especially in regard to restoring PCs.

Had it been clear back then that there would have been such important
differences, I would have switched to the PC version immediately.

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andrew kagan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi All: I posted a request for help yesterday but didn't see any activity
> from the list at all.
> Can anyone tell me how to restore the Windows 2000 system registry using a
> backup on retro 4.2 Mac?

Hi Andrew,

Retrospect 4.x is not able to backup the Windows 2000 registry; only
Retrospect 5.x for Windows can. The Registry Backup Manager only functions
with the Windows NT registry. This is covered in the Retrospect User's
Guide, but I agree that we need to address this on our website, as well. We
will add this information to the knowledgebase ASAP.

Below is some information from Microsoft's support site for using tools that
ship with Windows 2000 to recover the registry. The entire support page may
be found at:


I don't know that this will help, either, but I sure hope it does.

Best regards,

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development


If you know your registry is damaged, or some of your registry files are
corrupted or have been deleted, you might be able to use the Recovery
Console to restore your registry. However, this procedure can only work if
you regularly create an Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) and you choose the
option to back up your registry to the repair directory. For more
information about backing up the registry when creating the ERD, see
"Emergency Repair Process" later in this chapter.

When you create an ERD and you choose this option, the current version of
your registry files are copied from the %SystemRoot%\System32\Config folder
to the %SystemRoot%\Repair\RegBack folder. Since both of these folders are
accessible through the Recovery Console, you can use the copy command to
restore the files.

Only use this procedure if you are certain which registry file needs to be
restored, and you are certain that the restoration will not cause other
damage to your computer. Restoring registry files improperly can prevent
your system from starting and can cause you to lose data.

1. Start the Recovery Console and log on to the Windows 2000 installation
containing the registry that you want to restore.

2. To copy the files you want from %SystemRoot%\Repair\RegBack to
%SystemRoot%\System32\Config, type:

  cd repair\regback


  copy file_name drive_letter:\system_root\system32\config

where file_name is the registry file you want to restore, drive_letter is
the drive letter where your system is installed (for example, C), and
system_root is the system installation folder (for example, Winnt).

As a precaution, first rename the existing file in the Config folder that
you intend to restore from backup. If a problem arises from the restoration
attempt, you can restore the renamed file to return your system to its
original condition.

To restore your entire registry, you need to copy the files Default, Sam,
Security, Software, and System.

1. To exit the Recovery Console, type:



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