The problem here is that I never had any single problem doing NT workstation
restores and Server restores with the Mac version of Retro. But I can't do
that with Win2000, although I really hope I'm misreading this. The 'restore
data files only' is barely acceptable when ou are talking about a user's
computer, but it still a good chunk of a day spent setting the computer back
up so that I can do this. However, something like a Citrix metaframe server
would be down for the better part of a *week* under this setup. I cannot
afford to do that, and not worry for my job. But what *I* need to hear, from
Dantz is:

A)  Is this glaring lack of restore capability on the Mac side going to be
fixed at all?

B)  If so, when? (Sorry, this isn't like waiting for Oni. I cannot afford to
walk in to my boss and tell him that we aren't going to have good backups of
the Win2k boxes until Dantz 'gets around to' fixing the registry backup
agent. Well I could, but it would be part of a proposal detailing how we
should junk retrospect altogether.)

C) If not, why?


On 10/30/00 3:46 AM, "Matt Barkdull" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I don't have my Win2k box with me today (laptop), so I can't check.
> I never bother anyway.  If it died, I'd reinstall from scratch and
> just recover the data files from tape.  Much more reliable that way.

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