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> Or from the workstation itself. Both Retrospect for Win (5.11 and
> up) and MS Backup (the one bundled with Win2k) can backup the
> registry. You may set up the Win2k workstations to backup their own
> registries (and other System State data, but not the system files)
> to a file on HD, and schedule them to do it periodically. Those
> registry backup files can then be backed up by your Mac server.
> I know it's still a PITA, especially if you have many Win2k
> stations. I'm just trying to suggest a work-around for the time
> being.

Hey, if it works, I'm not going to argue with it. (although this doesn't
absolve Dantz of the responsibility to fix this) So question...how hard is
it to restore the registry ? Does it work similarly to the Retrospect


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