Re: Error 541- Backup client not installed or not running

> I get this error quite a bit but it is intermittent?  One night backups may
> work fine and the next night I may get this error on one of my volumes?
> We are using a central backup server with an HP Surestore 818 Library
> attached.  The backup server is a 600Mhz NT4 Server with 256MB of RAM and
> plenty of local drive space.  Our network is all TCP/IP with NT 4 and
> Win2000 Servers and 10/100 Switches.  Any ideas as to what causes this and
> to how to fix?  

Hi David,

Go to that client. Is the client installed and running? Open it and make
sure it says "Ready" in the Status field. If it does not, troubleshoot this
client to see why it's not running.

If it does, has its IP address changed? Is this client's IP address assigned
by DHCP? If so, configure its subnet and log it in through subnet broadcast.
If the lease expires and it's assigned another IP address, Retrospect will
not be able to find it if you've logged it in by direct IP, or Retrospect
may be finding a different machine without a client installed.

There are other issues as well that may cause an error 541, such as multiple
NICs. For more information, either contact Technical Support or search our
Knowledgebase for that error code at:

Look for Tech Note 413, Retrospect Client For Windows Troubleshooting.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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